With Cockiness Do I Warn World​-​Weary Deities, Teaching Myself In The Course To Be Courteously Carefree, Dee! Dee! Bridgewater! Biblical Mourning Verses, Hence, Proudly Project Anxious Molten Loops, So Don't Be Such A Simpleton, Let's Vote For An Earthly Workday Forever, Shall We?

by Wings Of An Angel



"I was transported back in time to Kubrick's masterpiece 2001. Bowman enters the Gate. and then there was so much more... at times i heard the wind whispering through deep desert caves.....and so much more..."

"Your music seems the wings' rustles of galactic angels..."

"Your Music unlocks things in our minds.They help us think. (especially for a fellow Artists). it relaxes and softens tension In Our Spirits. I was walking from room to room, holding my IPad with your beautiful Music playing and I felt Calm.I think you produce sounds that have elements of psycho self analysis (I think that is how you explain it?).instead of going in a room and talking to someone, listen to a specially made ambience for 30 minutes and write down what one thinks.I think a clearer analysis may come to the surface because there is less pressure for the individual who is under the Spotlight. Walk in a forest or fields or whatever landscape, cities etc' wearing headphones to your wonderful Music and one will have many Spiritual experiences for music is not just for entertainment, I think it can be used for many things in life."


released October 3, 2016




Wings Of An Angel Israel

Master Wings of an Angel is a visionary sound scientist and poet-philosopher. His creative universe gives voice to his infinite psychedelic imagination and produces mystifications for trippers and exquisite corpses. His art explores the mental realms of a lifelong outsider artist, existentialism and unorthodox humor, wrapped in a holy trinity of sonic palettes, thought-provoking titles & cover art ... more

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