1. The Newest Releases

  2. Facing Extinction Due To Artificial Light

  3. Mispronounced Amnesia

  4. Living In Fear Of The World Is Cruel And Inhumane, Unless You Get A Vaccination From Overt Cynicism

  5. All-Time Popular Albums ("WOAA's Classics")

  6. Our Forgotten Infinity And The Absolute Zero

  7. Lightworkers Are Us

  8. Cult Of Personality

  9. Lamps To Dispel Darkness: Wisdom Of The Great Spiritual Masters
    Samaneri Jayasara & Wings of an Angel

  10. Spiritual Relocation

  11. Bodhisattvas

  12. Nurturing Happiness By Generating A Sustainable Sensation Of Mindfulness With The Tender Sounds Of The Ambient Grand Piano Vol.1

  13. In This Morbid Dream, I Had A Direct Encounter With A Slow Motion Dissolution Into Nonexistence

  14. The Imaginary Songbook (Original Poetry By Wings of an Angel Ethereally Sung By A Fairy)
    Wings of an Angel & Tziona Achishena

  15. Dialogues Of Longing
    Wings of an Angel & Tziona Achishena

  16. Practice Of Disappearance

  17. Arduous Otherworldliness

  18. Chupacabra

  19. Halloween

  20. Performance Magic

  21. Succumb To Moral Exorcism Stemming Directly From The Tree Of Knowledge
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  22. Brahma And His Sacrificial Helm Of Bygone Errors
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  23. In This Corona Infested Millennium, Spending Quality Time With Other Beings Has Become A Form Of Human Sacrifice
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  24. Doing Drugs Takes You To An Eternal Light That Becomes With Time A Lethal Trap Impossible To Escape From
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  25. Ambient Drone Albums

  26. Munchausen By Proxy

  27. Buy Me More Poisoned Candy: Orchestral Drones For Classic Predators Vol​.​2

  28. Unforgettable Dreams Regarding The Truth About Humility

  29. Production Of Euphoric Nightmares By The Dark Wisdom Organization

  30. Pain Won't Take Me Alive, But Other Dilatant Qualities Sans Power Will

  31. Running Out Of Precious Secrets To Tell Classmates On My Birthday

  32. Avoid Living In A Decadent World That Suffers From A Complete Lack Of New Stories

  33. Open Your Door To Evolved Magicians Of Enlightenment Instead Of Opening It To Couriers Of Illegal Substances

  34. Finding Balance Is A Party Without Entertainment

  35. Perhaps Our Wishes Can Be Kind Of A Turn On If We Can Just Take One Step Back In Time

  36. Amorphic Concepts Can Often Be Transcendent In A Non-Figurative Sense; Hence, Is Wings Of An Angel An Automated Music Generator Or A 100-Strong Collective?

  37. The Highways Of Captivity Rarely Guarantee Safety

  38. Farewell Darshan From The Madness Of Rationality And Materialism

  39. Dizzy And Uneasy

  40. Attractive Comorbidity

  41. A Sudden Memory Of The Saddest Reality Show We've Ever Been Aware Of

  42. Resynthesis Of Your Early Onset Euphoria

  43. If You Are Questioning Superstitions, You Are Obviously Unaware Of How They Benefit Our Insecure Well Being

  44. Sonorous Impromptu

  45. Disturbing Thoughts Are Uninvited Caresses From Happiness

  46. Safe Astral Drones

  47. In Every Metaclysmic Utopia, The Name Of The Game Is Hang The Saint Or At Least Build Decent Gulags For The Welfare Of Batshit Crazy Prophets And Semi-Revolutionary Poets

  48. Deceive The Serpent

  49. If You Seek To Become A Holy Man, There's Only One Possibility And That Is To Lose Everything; Remember That Between A Prison Cell And A Hero There's A Master Who Teaches That All Brave Men Must Get Pregnant To Feel What It Means To Create A Life In Order To Avoid Taking Them

  50. The Two Things You Need In Order To Get Into Heaven Are A Grave And To Gaze Into Space

  51. Defeat Salvation

  52. Primal Needs Are Not Supposed To Suck The Life Out Of Your Tears

  53. The Threatening Bliss Of An Aloof Hibernal Spoof

  54. Going To Work Every Day Is Not Advisable... However, Sleeping Your Life Away In An Abandoned Cavern Is A Much Better Solution To All Our Existential Problems

  55. Ancient Myths

  56. Exterminate Nonsensical Predators

  57. Consequences Of Uncontrolled Tomfoolery

  58. Orgasmically Transcendent Drones To Give Birth To

  59. Whoever Is Written To Wear A Yoke Is A Bull, A Bull Gets Whipped, But Whoever Loves Freedom By His Very Nature Is Always Free, No Matter The Circumstances

  60. All Titles Are Utter Nonsense For Overly Self Indulgent Lamers

  61. Conspiracy Theorists Will Trigger Your Deepest Fears And Sell You Abstract Lies, But I As A Responsible Scientist Call You To Vaccinate Yourself And Your Loved Ones, Otherwise Go Lick Virus-Infested Bus Poles

  62. Systematic Intolerance For Spacial Jokes

  63. Action Petal

  64. Embrace Your Heart

  65. Out-Of-Body Orgasms Unroll When We Learn To Poison Our Dreams

  66. Life Templates And Gateways To A Higher Level Of Vibration

  67. The Zen Of Drone: Simply Beautiful Drone Poems Vol​​​​​​.​​​​​​10

  68. Blame The Pain Of Infinite Sadness, That Shall Forever Remain The Guardian, But Not The Empire

  69. Leave The Cliché World You Were Born To Without A Choice, To Become A Whole New World In Itself

  70. Cut Through Concentration

  71. Guided Drone Meditation From The First Moment Of Birth To The Much Sought For Rebirth As A Divine Entity

  72. In Our Kali Yuga Era, Too Many Servants Who Become Kings And Queens For A Day, Demonstrate How Godless Fools Play The Role Of Infidel Gods Without Reflectively Comprehending Their Own Squalor

  73. Every Creature Is A Jewel Of Dharma In A Genuinely Divine Creation

  74. Ephemeral God-Body

  75. Call The Emergency Hotline Before You Surrender To Combating Extracurricular Bodies With Solar Smoke

  76. You May As Well Keep On Running From Your Worst Enemy, Which Is Yourself

  77. Looking At The World From Within A Veil Of Lackadaisical Emptiness

  78. Free Yourself From The Curse Of Freedom

  79. We're The Lively Toys Of Transhuman Gnomes

  80. The Fantastic Mysteries Of Human Touch

  81. The Zero Point Energy Of Artificially Induced Altered States Of Consciousness

  82. Civilization Of One

  83. Whoever Has Already Been Born, Cannot Become A God

  84. Sleep Magic

  85. If Everybody Had At Least One Personal Holocaust, Then We Would Have Been Much More Tolerant One Towards Another's Fragility

  86. Your Music Makes Me Cry And I Swim In It Like A Juggler On A Thin Rope; All The Stress And Fear Of Losing The Single Soul In Me That Seeks A Savior, Fades Thru The Notes And Saves Me From The Shallow Waters. This Is Certainly Not A Title, But An Emotion, Which Paints Your Music With Intimate Colors

  87. Don't Enter Before You're Ready To Commit

  88. Wonderful Diaphanous

  89. Everything Difficult Must Disappear Forever

  90. Prāṇāyāma

  91. You Don't Need To Have A Social Status To Live

  92. Outsourcing Any Fractures You May Have In Your Soul

  93. As Much As We May Try Not To Engage In Adharma, Life Is Full Of Tough Choices And Sometimes You Act To The Best Of Your Understanding, But Still Fail To Maintain Dharmic Principles And Ethics In Your Deeds

  94. You Are The Only God You Will Ever Need

  95. Buy Me More Poisoned Candy: Orchestral Drones For Classic Predators Vol.1

  96. Get Rid Of Your Dumbphone Addiction

  97. Nobody Is A Lost Cause

  98. Cognition Alone Doesn't Promise Welfare And Life Satisfaction

  99. Humanize Science

  100. The Zen Of Drone: Simply Beautiful Drone Poems Vol​​​​​​.​​​​​​9

  101. It's Dangerous To Try To Be Happy Or Enjoy The Ambition Of The Freedom Of Expression

  102. The Best Siddhi Is Having No Special Powers At All

  103. Earth Aquarium

  104. The Numerous Qualities Of Lying

  105. Silent, Secret And Serious

  106. Improve Your Health By Half

  107. The New Age Of Spiritual Drone Music

  108. Progressive Revelations Of An Insignificant Mystic

  109. Poverty, Similarly To Opulence, Is Not Measured By The Scarcity Or Superfluity Of Material Goods Or Instrumental Wealth, But By The Nobility Of One's Spirit Or Lack Thereof

  110. Charisma Is Measured By The Amount Of Good Deeds One Does, Not By How Many Times One Screams And Forces Him/Herself On You

  111. A Mandatory Lesson In Humility

  112. What Really Lies Behind Your White Lies

  113. Fading Illusionary Multidimensionality

  114. Achievement Oriented Lifestyles Outgrow The Particular Conditions Needed For Self-Absorption

  115. One Day And One Night Of A Man Stuck In The 90s

  116. We Always Want More Than We Can Have

  117. Even In The Deepest Darkness, Flowers Do Grow Out Of The Void

  118. He Who Had Been Lost Once, Is Doomed To Revolve Around His Own Persona Non Grata Forever

  119. Artificial Sacrifice

  120. Demanding Affiliation To Not A Single Caste

  121. Roof Of The World

  122. Cherish Those Little Moments Of Ephemeral Togetherness

  123. Never Sail Too Far Away From The Heart Of The Matter

  124. Alerassa (The Ancient Goddess Of Nihility)

  125. A Professorship In The Sciences Of Indefinite Dreaming

  126. The Zen Of Drone: Simply Beautiful Drone Poems Vol​​​​​​.​​​​​​8

  127. Far Advanced Celestial Fire In Our Transient Body

  128. To Raise Your Low Self-Esteem, You Must Fight Your Demons In The Wilderness

  129. Be Absolutely Indifferent To Everything Around You

  130. The Intuitive Sainthood Of The Common Layman

  131. Silence Is Violence

  132. Survive The Imperative Inscenation Of Your Life

  133. What Kind Of Devil Are You Today?

  134. Provocative Devotion To A Greedy Human God

  135. Don't Live A Life Of Harsh Tangible Satisfactions

  136. Make This World Better

  137. The Shimmering Blade Of Your Antagonist

  138. Let Coronavirus Win Because We Are The Real Virus In This Ecosystem

  139. Appreciate The Hard Work Of Others

  140. Come Out Of Nowhere

  141. Unavailable For The Next Lifetime Or So

  142. Things To Do To Avoid The Blues

  143. Refresh Your Deluded Chakras

  144. Haunted Cheesecake Crusade

  145. Emancipation Is A Form Of Self-Immolation

  146. The Bleeding Biology Of Our Self-Absorbed Technology

  147. The Grand Illusion Of Conscious Cavities

  148. To Find Love Is Like Finding God

  149. Thrilling Austerities For Self-Governed Mortals

  150. Still Hiding In Spite Of Accountable Evidences Of An Active Imagination

  151. The Sandprints Of Our Spiritually Dead Civilization

  152. All Extracurricular Formations Are Agreeable

  153. Versus Tradition

  154. We Are The Recycled Air We Breathe

  155. Comatose Trance

  156. Endlessness Is Not An End In Itself

  157. Relive Your Most Reflective Everlasting Dream

  158. Now I Do Not Know Whether I Am A Man Dreaming I Was A Butterfly, Or Whether I Am Now A Butterfly, Dreaming I Am A Man

  159. Decide To Take A Deeper Breath To Expose Your Most Revealing Place

  160. Nowhere Could I Find The Lost Artifacts Of My Sense Of Belonging

  161. The Zen Of Drone: Simply Beautiful Drone Poems Vol​​​​​.​​​​​7

  162. We Don't Need Another Queen Of England, We Need A Sado-Queen To Help Us Become More Vulnerable

  163. Gifts I've Collected Amidst The Pandemic

  164. Sophisticated Body Language Mimics Metaphysical Resilience

  165. Engrossing Fragments Of Elegant Post-Classicism

  166. The Grand Delusion Of Delight

  167. Return To The First Moment When You Chose To Be You

  168. Afterthoughts Devoided Of Fanfares And Mystically Converted Loopholes

  169. Tame A Ninja

  170. Forests Are Our Precious Friends That Love Us Unconditionally

  171. The Healing Feeling Of Walking Aimlessly Through The Dense Auras Of Subterranean Parking Lots

  172. Imitate What You Don't Know About The World

  173. Getting Better At Counting The Rain

  174. Sought After Superpowers

  175. Hindrance To Self-Reconciliation

  176. Don't Get Triggered Again

  177. The New Book Of The Dead: What Happens After Successful Martyrdom?

  178. Conquer Your Mutilating Fear Of Yourself

  179. Aspirations Of A Novice Practitioner

  180. Agni

  181. Beautiful Bodies Just Like Allegedly Beautiful Concepts Are Nothing More Than Porcelain Desktops For Your Chic Ideologies

  182. Emotional Intelligence

  183. Considerate Guess On Who's Going To Be The Next Martyr

  184. Generating Spiritual Movement

  185. Each Life Journey Necessarily Resembles A Snake-Like Serpentine, So Don't Try To Trick Your Karma As There Are No Easy Shortcuts Ahead

  186. We're The Children Of Viruses, As We Continue To Undergo Replication, Some Of Us Even Experience Pasteurization

  187. Objectify The Love You Couldn’t Share In Our Previous Lifetime (An Ambient Funeral Doom Fairytale About Unattainable Or Unrequited Love Which Becomes In-Due-Time A Black Hole In The Protagonist's Haunted Psychic Forest)

  188. The Golden Cage Of Tradition

  189. Too Many People Hold Opinions About Someone Else's Supposedly Bad Conscience As A Metaphor For Their Own Arrogance

  190. I Smoke The Unseen Body Partitions Of All You Who Live Inside The Caudex

  191. The Insensate Monsters We Are Without Self-Reflection

  192. Ambient Isn't A Genre, It's A Lifestyle Of Slowing Oneself Down, Until You Become That Single Unrecoverable Atom That Once Was The Potential For Conscious Life

  193. Newborn Tantra

  194. Fallen Angels In Skyscrapers

  195. The Zen Of Drone: Simply Beautiful Drone Poems Vol​​​​​.​​​​​6

  196. Forced To Stay With A Dry Cry And Unbearable Letters In My Head, Which I've Never Really Written

  197. Seeing The Other Side Of Love Under The Influence Of Poisoned Mushrooms

  198. Say No To Psychic Vampires

  199. Womba: Live From An Ambient Nature Party

  200. The Darkest Guru's Funeral Doom Drones Vol​.​2

  201. The Zen Of Drone: Simply Beautiful Drone Poems Vol​​​​.​​​​5

  202. We Mustn't Consent To Live Homogeneously Without Differences In Color, Gender And Sexual Orientation - Because Variance Makes This World So Beautiful

  203. Creating Remarkably Experimental Mental Illness Capabilities For A Future Space Race

  204. Delightful Institutional Deformations

  205. Insomnia Can Be Healing If You Work It Out Right

  206. Don't Turn Off The Last Light Source In The Building

  207. Blind Trials

  208. Playing Your Best Role

  209. The Soul Is A Counterbalance Of The Counter-Intersectionality Of Probability

  210. Promises Of Quiet Winters In The Solitude Of A Faraway Russian Village

  211. The Futuristic AI City

  212. Stop All External Noise

  213. Look For The Best View Within Yourself Before You Give Up On Your Unique Individuality And Become A Blue-Collar Clone

  214. Seeking Human Kindness

  215. Cool Down Your Temper

  216. Naturally Induced Coma

  217. Rendering Fractal Drones On Your Smartphone

  218. The Zen Of Drone: Simply Beautiful Drone Poems Vol​​​.​​​4

  219. Failed To Revive Mother Nature's Forward-Thinking Zombies

  220. Open The Curtain To Your Tentative Lifetime

  221. A Fool Is The Pupil Who Gives His Donkey His Chin For He Will Get Bread

  222. Humanitarian Djellaba

  223. The Darkest Guru's Funeral Doom Drones Vol.1

  224. The Zen Of Drone: Simply Beautiful Drone Poems Vol​​.​​3

  225. Morning Wood

  226. Lie Awake With Your Beloved Dog At Stake

  227. The Right Confidence Is Called Non-Voluntary Truth

  228. A More Or Less Low-Key Feeling Of Bittersweet Melancholia

  229. Dreamboat

  230. Surrender Hollow, Hollow Lovebird

  231. High Spirits

  232. Performing An Avant-Garde Ballet Based On The Vague Memories Of My Birth

  233. See Nothing Except The Apprehended

  234. The Zen Of Drone: Simply Beautiful Drone Poems Vol​.​2

  235. Put The Identity Tag On Your Sleeve First

  236. Create Your Inner Child While Rediscovering Your Essence All Over Again

  237. Surrender To Emptiness

  238. Belighted Murmur

  239. Intransigence In The Luggage World

  240. The Zen Of Drone: Simply Beautiful Drone Poems Vol.1

  241. Dharma Dance

  242. Don't Try To Stop The Spread Of False Information: The Incredibly Mind-Boggling Narrative Of The Deep-Fake Art Magister

  243. Colonize Space Before It Colonizes You

  244. Exploring Your Alien Shadow At The Danakil Desert

  245. Lemon Stardust

  246. Napalms Of Lovesickness

  247. Learning From Your Own Destiny Is Uncomfortable, Unless You Wear Special Glasses

  248. Scared Little Human Travels To The End Of Time On The Back Of A Blight Organism

  249. Traveling To Acquire Your Arrest Order

  250. Distracting Bitten Tails

  251. You Can Never Deny The Inbuilt Spiritual Attachment To The Place You Were Born At, Therefore Immigration Is Merely An Artificial Mirage Created By Circumstances Beyond Your Control; For Your Soul Dies Not At Your Burial Grounds, But Where It Belongs, That Is The Location Of Its Formation Into Being

  252. Tracheotomizing Rival Kabbalists

  253. Nobody’s Seagull

  254. Hereditary Modifications And Infinitely Complex Beasts

  255. It's Haunting To Ponder How Many Worlds Like Ours Existed, Exist And Will Exist While The Human Body Wins Over Its Conscious Administration

  256. Extinction Of Consciousness

  257. Shimmering Perception Of Connection

  258. Just As Fairytales Are The Failures Of Reality, An Open Mind Can Be As Pretty As A Lie For The Masses

  259. Archipelago

  260. The Collector Of Memories

  261. Interstellar Foreign Care

  262. Extraterrestrial Almshouse

  263. Bullet-Headed Deity

  264. Shinjeret

  265. As If We Had Discovered Yesterday That The Earth Is Round And Have Not Yet Discovered That Water Is Seeping Into The Rock

  266. Any Object Can Exist In Any Space Without Any Interest, Resistible To Betrayal By The Origin Of Certainty

  267. The Weirder You Become, The More Intrinsic Value You Have For Villain Gods

  268. The Admission Price Is An Apple

  269. Separate Sense

  270. Honey, Darkness Cannot Prevail Unless You Nurture It Well

  271. Suicide Of An African Rimbaud

  272. Fear Is Dear To Whoever Is Near

  273. Narcissist Narcissus

  274. In My Castle's Darkroom

  275. Parallel Continuum Of The Coincidence Of Uniformity

  276. Ascending Stages To Becoming A Spiritual Being

  277. Emerging Sage

  278. Choose A Guru With A Life Outside The Scope Of Spirituality, Not Someone Who Has No Awareness Of Your Own Inevitable Mortality

  279. An Obvious Paradox Distancing Oneself From Unobserved Dreams

  280. Istra Balagina Kish Kish Karia

  281. Nature's Mindfulness

  282. Lilliputian Ecology

  283. Shutting The Measureless Gaps Between Memories' Everlasting Matter And The Inherent Spirituality Of Nostalgic Longings

  284. Incognito Therapy

  285. Celestial Meringue

  286. Forbidden For Hitchhikers

  287. Being Friends With Anybody Other Than Yourself May Often Feel Like Selling Out For The Lowest Prize

  288. Immersing Oneself Into A Trance Induced By Drones Is The Ancient Ritual Of Self-Healing Via Transpersonal Introspection, Bypassing The Intellect And Selfhood

  289. Dark Artists Only Draw Foolproof Caricatures Of The Nonsensical Utopian Hell They Selfishly Envision, Hence, To Stay Focused On The Diligent Path Of Self-Improvement, You Mustn't Fall Into The Bloody Vicious Circle Of Their Addicting Phantom Magic

  290. Kamakura

  291. A Feeling Is A Pain Killer In Its Own Way

  292. Nurtured Umber Blueberries ("When You Are In A West End Town In A Dead End World")

  293. Expiring Nightshades

  294. Chaotic Nihilism Is How This Deep State Universe Operates Underneath The Layers Of Apparent Self-Functionality

  295. Killer Instinct

  296. In Conjunction With Natural Premises Of Trivial Grandeur

  297. Humanity Is An Attempt To Construct Order Out Of The Trauma Of Physical Space

  298. I Am Possessed To Create My Best

  299. Deny Everything But Beauty From Entering Your Body-Mind-And-Soul

  300. If You Profit On Your Role Models, Make Sure You Don't Have Faith In Demons

  301. How Can We Make Peace With Those Who Claim To Love Death More Than Life; The Only Solution Is Launching A Campaign For An All-Embracing Love Jihad!

  302. Social Justice Will Save Us From Global Warming

  303. Luscious Secrets Of The Sky

  304. Fixated Talismania

  305. Shock Can Be Beautiful Like Your Eyes After An Eternal Sleep

  306. Don't Let No One Stop Your Day From Being Special

  307. You Don't Have To Understand Basic Math In Order To Care

  308. The Only Method Of Which You Can Fully Become A Part Of Computer Learning Is Through Humanism

  309. Journey Into The Everything In Nothingness

  310. Society Is A Nurse Floating On A River Of The Human Heart

  311. Temptation Could Have Offered Us More Than Her Demigod's Flesh

  312. The Fact That You're On The Right Side Of History, Doesn't Necessarily Mean That You're Not Diseased

  313. Faith Is Our Attempt At Getting To The Bottom Of The Power Of Life On Earth, Too Bad We Fail Time After Time, Aeon After Aeon

  314. Human Thought Is Just A Discourse Between The Emptiness Of Physical Space And The Intrinsic Friction Of Nothingness

  315. Concerto De La Luna

  316. That Instance When An Impotent Poet Discovers His Tongue

  317. Monument Of Disambiguation

  318. Synchronize Competition

  319. Setting Is Melting In Afterlife Psychotherapy

  320. Caverns Of Unrecognition

  321. Justice To Crooked Cyclones! Justice To Crotched Foreclosures!

  322. Fans<>Survivors

  323. Come Dance With The Light Of The Master

  324. The Devil Situates Joyrides Now, So Beautifully Sleepy, So Profoundly Antipodal, Gliding Among Restrains And Trowels, Misquotations And Whacky Drinking Mollycoddles, Hence, Morph Your Jibing Astral Flesh Into Tears And Insurgent Windfalls

  325. I Have Full Faith In The Strange Zany Lips You Paint On Your Heart

  326. The One Thousand Dream Schemes Of Al-lāt

  327. Most Fair Earth To Dig Up High And Become A Mountain Or A Cabinetwork Clip, Drink These Cowsheds Off Without Washed Revolted Foal

  328. Being Righteous Automatically Makes You Betrayed

  329. I Make No Sublimation Claims As I Drag Royal Sweeteners And Cocky Rhinos To A Gunpoint Millpond Pit, Where Obligational Figs Meet The Cosmic Spider, You're Its Lyncher and Pigskin

  330. Tancras

  331. Basic Dyes Are Separated In A Similar Way To How Thoughts Mix,So New & Beautiful Shades Are Created But They Diminish The Vital Boundary For The Person To Hold On To; That Very Sense Of Momentary Release Expresses Itself In Fear & Instability & As A Result Facilitates An Endless Quest For Stability

  332. Uructo

  333. Kuragmine

  334. Sianti

  335. Rutatreng

  336. Hollow Flakes Crash So Silently On Rust-Saturated Walls, Mute Pain Penetrates Like A Blunt Knife, Bewitched By An Inexistent God And The Neurotic Melancholia Of Our Indispensable Fire Wings

  337. To Sunbathe In Your Geisha's Wellsprings

  338. Distortion Of Proportion

  339. Focus On The Gender Of Eternity

  340. Temporal Caterpillar

  341. Ghost And Spirit Stories Give Me A Bit Of Comfort In Knowing That There Is Something After This Life And That My Dearest Beloved Souls Are Doing Well In The Hereafter While They're Waiting For My Own Hourglass To Empty Off

  342. I Wish I Were An Unidentified Flying Object

  343. Classic Ambient Symphony For World Peace

  344. Through The Peacefulness Of Space Serenity

  345. Marriage Counteracts

  346. Full Of A Never Wavering Will For Further Earthly Births - With A Freedom From Pride, Passion, Put On The Helm Of Wisdom, Rent None, Scorn None; Rejoice Or Be A Noble Sage, Be My Lower Self, Freed From Whoever Ate His Abandoned Desires With The Majestic Potency Of All The Sadhus From The Kumbh Mela

  347. The Medieval Master Art Mutant Is Creating A Clone In His Image

  348. Walking Down The Street After A One Night Stand With The Shadow Of God

  349. The Steam Roller I Built For Grasshoppers Inside Sweeney Todd's Cutting Edge Barbershop

  350. Soulless Beacon

  351. Acrimonious (An Ode To The Scent Of Unfulfilled Friendships)

  352. This Messianic Occupation Is My Personal Fabrication

  353. You Must Be Trippin'!

  354. If You Trust A Mystic, You Will Surely Become A Cystic Statistic

  355. Delusion Has Dispersed The Ego Whose Passions Are Transient And Formless

  356. Moss-Roses-Pincers

  357. New History

  358. Rose Of The Winds

  359. Demonarchy Powerhouse

  360. I Explore You, Like You Explore Me

  361. The Ambient Light Web

  362. Listen To Other Music Because Ambient Is Not Timeless, Is It Now?

  363. Incubator For Your Vibrations

  364. Memory Displacement Of The Damaged Nazi Gene

  365. Cardiac Arrest

  366. Novel Exploitation

  367. Birthright Worth Bright

  368. The Matrix of Ignoramus Well-Being

  369. Rediscovering Ambient

  370. Imagine Neither Case

  371. In Today's World, If You Aren't A Very Important Person To Begin With, You Are Labeled And Stigmatized As A Loser And Doomed To Be Irrelevant Like An Untitled Piece Of Music

  372. Bear Land

  373. Crane's-bill

  374. Never Let The Things You Obey Get In The Way Of The Things You're Honest About

  375. Yogini Mother

  376. Erratic Patterns Of Inspiration

  377. Guilty Pleasure

  378. I Am An Innovator Dictator

  379. Self Contemplating Self, All Breathing In All Mind

  380. Hostile Witness

  381. A City Without Its Second-Largest Monument

  382. To The Uncaught Serial Killer Of Holograms

  383. Escape Routes

  384. Gothic Detoxification Of Palmyra

  385. Watch My Lifeblood With Your Naked Eye Or Swallow Ahmadinejad's Rocket Dye

  386. Misguided Poetic Entropy

  387. Zirconia

  388. Illustrating Wandering

  389. In Light Of The Recent Worldwide Circumstances, There's No Spare Time To Waste On Listening To Amateur Music, You Definitely Owe Yourself To Buddha-ize Yourself With Holistic Drones, Approved By The FDA

  390. Atmospheric Relics

  391. The Archaic Darkroom Rituals

  392. If You Are Dreaming About The Absolute, You Were Meant To Live For Things That No One Else Wants To Live For...

  393. With Cockiness Do I Warn World-Weary Deities, Teaching Myself In The Course To Be Courteously Carefree, Dee! Dee! Bridgewater! Biblical Mourning Verses, Hence, Proudly Project Anxious Molten Loops, So Don't Be Such A Simpleton, Let's Vote For An Earthly Workday Forever, Shall We?

  394. Substitute Dirt For Food: A Vegan Phantasmagoria

  395. In The Mists Of A Lighthouse I've Been Reborn

  396. Odysseys Of An Idling Polar Sun (Musical Diary Of My Spiritual Journey To The Ukraine, Oct 2017)

  397. Soliciting Imposter Artists

  398. As A King Without A Kingdom, I Must Finalize The Havoc I've Started Because Of Your Pretense, So While I'm Looking At The World Without Participating In It, Looking Past The Known And Explored History Of The Arts, My Message Is Don't Create Anything Unless It Will Become Timeless

  399. Hope Dies Last

  400. A Costume Of Dementia

  401. Do Not Awake The Sleeping Simpleton

  402. Railroader Blooms With Steatopygia

  403. Prepare For The Moment When The Ground Will Crash Under Your Feet

  404. The Monster In Me Needs A Good Night's Sleep

  405. Let’s Plan The Best Suicide Attempt For Western Civilization

  406. Idealize The Solitary Lifestyle

  407. Infinite Psychedelic Imagination

  408. Timeworn Essence Of Communication

  409. Hasten Your Next Thought To See A Soul In Statu Nascendi

  410. We're An Unexplored Universe In A Parallel Cosmic Infinity

  411. The Idyllic Innocence Of Childhood That Lonesome Memories Coat With Mahogany Soot

  412. Euthanasia

  413. Present Perfect Forever

  414. The Groping Shadows Of A Parasite God Soaking In Distant Watermarks

  415. The Ambition Of A Colt Aligning Against Itself

  416. An Anthem For No Country But Myself

  417. The Outsider Mythology Of The World's Last Honest Mystic

  418. Guilt, Eat Your Daily Dose Of White Meat!

  419. Don’t Trust The Sun

  420. Eccentric Addictions

  421. Shaolin Abbot Absent From The Old Tea House

  422. Delaying Spacial Mirage

  423. Jihadi Nasheeds

  424. L'enfant Terrible

  425. Return While One Prodigious Lightweight Proof Replaces The Brass In Your Docile Instrument

  426. Conviction Of Servitude

  427. Irresistible Dream Induced Mania

  428. A Spectacular Dawn Blinds My Eyes And Again I Stand On The Summit. Last Bow In Honor Of My Youth. How History Repeats Itself. And The Aches Of The Past Stab Me. The Disposable Events Of A Life That Cannot Rewind. I Remember My Childhood, Dreams That Are Too Far Away. Why Must It Be So Sad To Die?

  429. If You're Dead Bones – What Does It Change To You Whether You Are Known Or Not?

  430. After You Dump Me Into The Cold Grave, No Legacy Will Survive Past Me

  431. Worldview Collapses Like A River Dam

  432. The Translucent Veil Of Constrained Silence

  433. Pause Play (Memoirs Of Russian Spiritual Landscapes, Aug 2016)

  434. The Year I Tried To Kill My Love

  435. Sad Songs For Happy Occasions

  436. Indiligent Timeframes Of Yesterday

  437. Break Down All Sane Language Barriers

  438. Philistine Troubadour Forgot To Discover The World

  439. Mind Is A Bright Dusk Tracer

  440. Amygdala Binary Reset

  441. Decomposition Of All Frontal Lobe Activity Promotes Post-Violent Shanti

  442. Non-Attachment Policy

  443. A Virgin Grim Reaper Reconstructs His Seventy Two Past Lives

  444. Why Are We So Afraid Of Our Own Nakedness?

  445. The Unearthly Demagogue And His Amber Of Sorrows

  446. Cabaret Dictatorship

  447. My Sweetest Darkness (Or Why I Wear My Abstract Scapular When I Dance Zeibekiko)

  448. Benevolent Devil Enters A Peep Show Of Fallen Angels

  449. Tabula Rasa: Two Schizoid Episodes From A Life Never Lived

  450. Miss Universe Is Giving Birth To Manmade Stupidity

  451. I Rent Out Deadbeat Jesters To Every Funeral

  452. The Ero Guro Opera Reformatory

  453. This Paper Tiger Has Orphaned His Heart To Love

  454. An Eon Of Tranquil Alarm

  455. Emek Refaim (The Valley of Spirits)

  456. Who Is Incomprehensible?

  457. Crime Scene

  458. Biographic Self Deception Is Like A Wheel Of Fortune

  459. Birthday Jazz

  460. Rest In Peace (A Soundtrack For Irreversible Relaxation)

  461. The Bawdy Monkey Business Of Interactive Interconnectedness

  462. Surreal Reductionism

  463. The Beautiful Secrets That I Will Take To The Grave

  464. Excluded From The Ark

  465. Ghosts Of My Past

  466. Your Dominatrix Had A Brain Transplant Under My Knives

  467. The Tall Tales That Sly Demons Whisper Around The Fire Camp

  468. The Magic Realism Of The End Of Art

  469. The Empty Bible Of The Psychonaughty Psychonaut

  470. Mombasa And The Beheaded Trajectory

  471. Revenge Of The Less Powerful

  472. What Has Remained: The Lost Teachings Of The Antithesis

  473. AmbiMagia

  474. Twilight Karaoke

  475. Haven't Expressed My Feelings In Quite A While

  476. Apocalyptic Love Poems For The End Of The World

  477. From The Dead Sea To Scythopolis

  478. Hester Panim

  479. On Borrowed Spiritual Time (A Minor Travelogue)

  480. Transcendence

  481. In My Darkest Dreams (night diary of a poète maudit in earthly exile)

  482. Noise Albums

  483. Taboo Needlework

  484. Nāda Yoga

  485. Disreputable Handkerchief

  486. Choose A Random Number

  487. Princess Of The Nile Returning From Manhunt In Honor Of Her Particular Religion Of Peace

  488. Silliest Noncentral Labyrinth Towards The Dumpster

  489. Blackjack, Hipbone Or Recreational Dogging Aside, I Believe I Can Fly, Telltale, Bronze, Abstractions During The Happy Hour, We Were All Conceived As Happy Accidents, Like Lancelets In The Slaughterhouse

  490. Howdy Mr Blobby, Did You Drink Your Super Milk Today? (Childhood Fantasies Mercilessly Deflated)

  491. Seldom Spoken About

  492. Anthology Albums

  493. I Am A Heaven And A Controversial Authority On One World (Euphoric Ambient Anthology)

  494. In The Slaughter Fields Of My Fragile Human Heart (Requiem For An Anonymous Genius)

  495. The Master Thief Who Stole Your Lucid Dreams (A Retrospective Anthology Of My Early Sample-Based Creative Work)

  496. Wings of Flight Volume 1
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  497. Wings of Flight Volume 2
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  498. Wings of Flight Volume 3
    Wings Of An Angel & Scott Lawlor

  499. Wings of Flight Volume 4 (The Alternative And Extended Versions)
    Wings Of An Angel & Scott Lawlor

  500. Collaborations

  501. Reason Nitrate
    Wings of an Angel & Tonepoet

  502. Just Psychopathics
    Wings of an Angel & Alphastare

  503. Atramentous Resonance
    Wings of an Angel & IoNiZeR

  504. Reclaim Your Intrinsic Nature Before It Claims You
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  505. Defining Gravity For Beginners
    Wings Of An Angel & Scott Lawlor

  506. Motivation Elation
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  507. To Be Exotic, You First Marry A Neurotic
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  508. The Unexplainable Is Only Possible In Light Of Missed Opportunities
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  509. Simply Being Unstable
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawor

  510. Fame Is A Type Of Hoarding
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  511. The Future Is Just Another Term For Where Dreams Go To Die
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  512. Don't Mask Your Face Behind Someone Else's Success
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  513. The Contemplating Demon
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  514. Lo And Behold Ye Confirmed Minister Of War, The Olympian Falcon, Galloping Away Like A Humiliated Homer, You Were The Perfect Ripper In The Backdoors Of London, Before You Had Found Your Forepleasures In The Subdefinitions Of The Prowling, Censorious, Nutcrackers Of The Kitchen
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  515. American Cultural Colonialism Is Like A Cyclone Of Gorilla Contraceptives
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  516. Asylum Liturgy
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  517. Tears Of An Angel
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  518. Cave Fever
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  519. Imprisoned
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  520. There's Always A Last Chance For Awakening
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  521. Reality Check
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  522. I No Longer Love Blue Skies
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  523. Radial Resistance
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  524. Boko Haram
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  525. Cold Reading
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  526. Observed Demonstration
    Wings Of An Angel & nox intempesta

  527. Argument Lens Decoded
    Wings Of An Angel & Nox Intempesta

  528. Quiet Snow From A Dark Sky
    Wings of an Angel & Nox Intempesta

  529. Curators Of Corruption
    Wings of an Angel & Jaduhara Indradhusara

  530. Non-Ambient Albums

  531. Take Chances In Your Music Or Perish: The Aleatoric Solo Piano Masterpieces Vol.1

  532. Footloose And Fancy​-​Free: The Free Jazz Piano Recitals Series Vol​.​2

  533. The Rotting Sea Groans, Charmed Passively Like Dismal Impulses Of Soul-Shuttering Forest Phosphor

  534. A Lulling Fairy Tale To The Biblical Snake

  535. Exultant Is The Idol For He Will Judge His Divinity's Premortal Life In A Dance Of Illusionary Free Will

  536. The Deranged Israeli Jazz Trio Presents A Poet's Reproduction Of Flexible Unconscious Nihilism And A Gang Of Free-Spirited Swinger Zombies

  537. A Jazz Trio At The Edge Of The Abyss: Three Unearthly Demagogues Live From The Castle Of Horror That Is The Central Bus Station In Tel Aviv (Vol. 1 - 2021 Doomjazz Session)

  538. Make The Earth Satisfied With Expired Ink, Whilst Our White Skin Tans With Beneficiary Mink

  539. Increase Of A Never Tested Irregularity Will Advance Subsidiary Get-Gos With A Susceptibility Of Life Experience, Sexual Desire, And An Approximate Leadership Of Refusing Service; Walk On Air Or Be A Blue-Blooded Herb, You Sorry Excuse For An Elected Civil Servant

  540. The Accomplished Sinners' Divine Deep State Is Jeffrey Epstein's Newest Art Enterprise In The Next World

  541. Footloose And Fancy​-​Free: The Free Jazz Piano Recitals Series Vol​.​1

  542. Only Doomjazz Aficionados Could Wish That This Year Would Never End

  543. The World-Weary Noir Jazz Ensemble Presents The Holy Depression Gamut

  544. The Ambient Jazz Trio Presents The Evaluation Of Evolution In Two Parts

  545. You're A Salamandra, Caught Up In The Matrix Of The Wrong Architect (A Live Jazz Trio At The Tavern Of The Damned And Doomed)

  546. Esoteric Ambient Jazz Duet At The Edge Of The Abyss: Two Unearthly Demagogues Murmur Softly From The Very Prison Of Their Tortured Minds (Vol. 3)

  547. A Jazz Trio At The Edge Of The Abyss: Three Unearthly Demagogues Live From The Last Campfire God Has Lit Yesterday Morn In Her Vicarious Nightmares (Vol. 2)

  548. The Birth Of Freedom From The Gregarious Delights Of The Arabian Sand Gazelle

  549. The Perceptively Differential Shores Of Spiritual Misanthropy

  550. Baby Wings: Atonal Classical Solo Piano For Brain Development (Vol.2)

  551. You Were Not Put On This Earth To Find Meaning In Your Life

  552. Graveyard Flowers (Genuinely Melancholic Original Classical Compositions For Piano And Cello Vol​.​2)

  553. The Three Narcotic Principles Of Acid Jazz: I Really Am The Faith In Man - All The Perceptions Of The Utmost - Infinite Knowledge Of God

  554. The Future Is In Your Hands - Free Of Any Philosophical Deviations

  555. You Matter The Most And Remember That Even Fragile Rocks Crack Into Pieces

  556. Tit For Tat

  557. Teach "The Truth" In School

  558. The Tao Of The Santur: New Ragas & Meditations Vol​.​5

  559. Modern Conceptions Of Intelligent Asceticism And Objectively Induced Surrender To The Process Of Alien Transfiguration

  560. Ms. Corona Proves Us That The Highest Achievement In Life Is To Have Your Own Little World - Not Money, External Stimulants, Sexy Time Or Social Hustle

  561. Old World Piano Simulacra

  562. The Tao Of The Santur: New Ragas & Meditations Vol.4

  563. Hothouse Mentalist

  564. The Acquired Helplessness In Lunatic Asylums Isn't In The Hands Of Fate

  565. The Insurmountable Obstacles To Happiness

  566. The Peculiar Occultism Of Ego Death

  567. Duets With My Own Self: The Splendiferous Strings Of The Ambient Guitar Vol​.​2

  568. Would You Rather Die Than Confront Your Darkest Secrets? Remember Come What May That Your Answer Will Always Remain The Crosspoint Between The Entropy Of Your Astrological Sign And The Mysterious Energy Of Your Inconceivable Dreams

  569. New World Order Piano Riffs

  570. Only When We Become Helpless, Do We Truly Realize Our Inborn Vulnerability As Temporary Beings

  571. Duets With My Own Self: The Splendiferous Strings Of The Ambient Guitar Vol.1

  572. We Are The Wild Crops Of Divinity

  573. Lonely Nocturnal Walks Are The Best Weapon To Escape The Oppression Of Self-Doubt

  574. Baby Wings: Atonal Classical Solo Piano For Brain Development (Vol.1)

  575. Exploit Your Natural Beauty

  576. The Utterly Majestic Piano: Intimate Grand Meditations Vol. 1-2 (Enhanced, Revamped & Replayed)

  577. The Distinguished Improviser (Revamped Edition)

  578. Our Invisible Intimate Chains Are Like The Coercive Anthropomorphism Of A Localnet Artificial Intelligence

  579. Spirituality Is Our Vile Attempt At Calculating The Gravity Of Destiny

  580. Submerging Into Delusional Silence

  581. The Forgotten Anti-Guru Who Had Lost His Mind In The Shadows Of A Ramshackle Tavern

  582. The Petty Swansong Of Your Infantile Codependency On Higher Awakening

  583. Souls Are Like New Diseases Eating Their Way Through Everything That's Truly Sacred In The Abstract Universe

  584. Sunshades And Mudpuppies

  585. Object To The Healing Powers Of Your Body

  586. Disappear As If You’re Self-Absorbed, Be A Magnolia Manifestation

  587. Languorous Warhorse

  588. Nulliparous Translunar Eyeball

  589. Abstraction Of The Relation To Obtaining Immediate Gratification

  590. Whose Metempsychosis Is It?

  591. Weepeth By The Holy Fire

  592. The Tao Of The Santur: New Ragas & Meditations Vol.3

  593. Appliances For Attaining The Four Layers Of Gutta-Percha

  594. I Couldn't Win A Chess Game Against The Embodiment Of Time

  595. You Become A Victim When You Act Like One

  596. Don't Break Other People's Hearts

  597. Graveyard Flowers (Genuinely Melancholic Original Classical Compositions For Piano And Cello Vol.1)

  598. We’re No Longer Allowed To Say The Truth In This Nonsensical Postmodern Dystopia, Where Post-Truth Mentality Is The Norm

  599. The Tao Of The Santur: New Ragas & Meditations Vol.2

  600. The Tao Of The Santur: New Ragas & Meditations Vol.1

  601. Subordinate Every Thought To Deception And Fair Danger

  602. My Anti-Suicide Squad Stops All Your Death Wishes

  603. Mommy, Mommy! Can You Also Be My Mummy And Embalm Me In Your Beggar's Robes?

  604. Lie On Your Bed Of Nails Like Those Who Stretch A Moment Evermore, I Was Your Good Heart Manipulator But The Featherbed Mountains Stood Out Inside Me Regardless, I Just Wish You Had Jumped On That Circus Caravan With Me Instead Of Joining The Ranks Of The Academy, But It’s Too Late To Speculate

  605. Africa Will Be Great Again

  606. Birth Control

  607. Laconic Catatonic

  608. Isn't It Quite Ridiculous To Even Ask Why Somebody Becomes A Misanthrope? Just Look Around To See How Awfully Absurd Our Existence Is And How Many Bitter Pills We Swallow Daily To Stay Afloat

  609. Demeritorious Justice Fighter Meditates Inside Plato's Cave

  610. Kilfud-Yoking (Piano Recital For The Jewish Day Of Atonement)

  611. Reimagining Ravel In Abstract Colors (Intimate Piano Recital In The Darkroom)

  612. Sacrifice Your Suicidal Idealism

  613. Telegony

  614. Slowly Disregarded As The Disparting, Immortal And Indestructible Great Purification

  615. The Goal Of Chaos-Driven Reactions Is To Plant The Seeds Of Chi Rather Than The Weeds Of Yearning; Hence, Self-Consciousness Is Seen By Some Cultures As A Form Of Lacking Manners!

  616. Unless I Get Down On My Knees Again

  617. Tell Your New Date Something Truly Romantic And Original, Tell Her How Her Eyes Are Like The Fathomless Sea After A Storm Of The Black Plague

  618. Holy Crusade

  619. The Happiness Of Your Soulmate Depends On How Many Psychedelics She Can Derive From Your Dead Brain Cells

  620. Hypnagogic Hallucinations Are Nature's Way Of Saying That Your Ass Belongs To Me! (Live Recital At The Highest Court Of Unearthly Justice)

  621. What Is So Counterintuitive About Forcing An Average Guy To Be A Philosopher?

  622. Show Off Your Knowledge About Antidepressants Without Using Verbs

  623. Vain Crescent (Humble Collection Of Genuine Outsider Music)

  624. Earth Is A Living Organism And We Have A Humble Share In It, But We're By No Means Its Originators Or Masters

  625. The Distressing But Inevitable Transition From Virtual Life To Real Life

  626. If You Really Want To Know Somebody, Become That Somebody

  627. Disgusted By The Monotonic Shortsighted Grayness Of Civilian Life

  628. Leitmotifs

  629. Backdoor Poison Gives Licentious Convincers An Access To Risky Salvation Invocations

  630. Art Terrorist’s Baptism Ritual Before A Take-No-Prisoners Suicide Attack Against Life-Affirming Axioms

  631. I Must Never Decide Between Remaining True To Myself Or Letting Go

  632. L'opera Della Luce Infestata E Il Mondo Addormentato (The Opera Of The Infected Light And The Persecuted World)

  633. Enter Your Horror Story

  634. Prone To Sending Empty-Handed Telegrams To Shallow People

  635. Yet Another Mystification By Your Favorite Con Artist

  636. Enrich Your Soul With Five Hundred Original Prayers

  637. Greed Is Born In The Gap Where Transformation Has Been Excluded

  638. Follower Status Of A Torso

  639. Sexuality As The Birth Of Sublimation

  640. Cannot Create A Toxin Out Of Mortality

  641. Abandoned By Fate Into Renegotiable Chaos

  642. Look At Those Traceable Goddesses In That Saccharine Wheelchair, All Hiccupped And Exquisitely Juicy, Their Little Mouths Wide Open To Swallow Your Salacious Pietism, Sir Dickens!

  643. The Pathetic Greatness Of The Masqueraded Face Book

  644. Lament For An Abandoned Oasis


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