The Tall Tales That Sly Demons Whisper Around The Fire Camp

by Wings Of An Angel



On motes like meteors; dancing, streaking particles of light that rise up against the endless night as we tilt down revealing--
The flickering flame of a campfire, wavering in the wind.


Broken-knuckled, scab covered hands reach for the warmth of the fire.
Lornsome night. Babbits bawlin', wind bitin' t'bone.

Wind like this carries voices, ancestry howlin’ at’cha, screaming their stories, all their voices tied up in't'one.

And out there’s you know who, spyin from the dark... After I'm died no tellin’ what that fangy devil won’t try to do to me. . . The fire glints in his eye.

Listen close and lemme yarn you ‘bout the first time we met eye to eye...

{{{Cloud Atlas (2012) Movie Script}}}
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"I particularly enjoyed the cover for “The Tall Tales That Sly Demons Whisper Around The Fire Camp”, what a beautiful piece of art!! I would love to hang that on my wall! The music reminds me of a subtly approaching apocalyptic storm that no one has prepared for or like the sound that is around us all but no one hears because they are only living in two dimensions. It is amazing how one may think that it is simple, yet... The emotional depths that it consists of are megalithic..."
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released March 15, 2014




Wings Of An Angel Israel

Master Wings of an Angel is a visionary sound scientist and poet-philosopher. His creative universe gives voice to his infinite psychedelic imagination and produces mystifications for trippers and exquisite corpses. His art explores the mental realms of a lifelong outsider artist, existentialism and unorthodox humor, wrapped in a holy trinity of sonic palettes, thought-provoking titles & cover art ... more

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