Return While One Prodigious Lightweight Proof Replaces The Brass In Your Docile Instrument

by Wings Of An Angel



"A most wonderful sound,
i was a fly, flying through a city,
i flew into houses,
saw drug abuse,physical abuse,things that are kept secret to the Naked eye,
I flew over to another part of the city,into another house,
families enjoying their meal,round a table,
i looked upon their children,(don't take that wrong turn in the future for I have just witnessed the other side.)
the Music makes me fly onto the streets,raining,Stars and smogs and smokes visible,
reflections of Neon from puddles,observed by a beggar,
i fly across the road into a jewellery shop,
an old man and a young lady,giggling,trying on diamonds that with my fly vision,I looked into the diamond and I could see death.
the young lady became in slow motion,she looked over at a younger man with pining eyes.
I flew to a Hospital,I witnessed somebody dying from a Gun shot wound,claret a plenty,
surgeons,nurses,doctors,machines working overtime. I flew away from the scene with that familiar sound of a machine making a sound of death.
i flew to a restaurant and sat on some bread,made myself sick and had a snack.
i flew around the cities and Schools,witnessing this very strange place until BANG!!
i flew into silk Steele,oh FUCK!
Music,what a journey!
If I may add,
further on into your beautiful sounds, I saw a room what looked like aboard a vessel of sorts,lights flickering,occasionally showing cryogenic chambers,
the room was shaking violently,A mass light appeared from a window,
The Glass on the chambers reflected liquid fires and I saw faces inside them,
They were sleeping,The rattling noise from your majestic sound became a ship,breaking through Earth's atmosphere."

"very strange music. like experimental alchemy..."

"The Music gives me the impression of a challenge to pre-established patterns ... and in some way seems approaching to the nature or the core of the human soul. I always have the impression of a journey through different human landscapes..."


released November 9, 2016




Wings Of An Angel Israel

Sound magician, visionary and poet-philosopher whose art projects blend these passions in fascinating ways. My life's work gives wings to my infinite psychedelic imagination. This ever-expanding alternative universe explores outlandish mental landscapes, quirky existential commentary and unorthodox humor wrapped in a holy trinity of avant-garde sounds, thought-provoking titles & original cover art ... more

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