In This Morbid Dream, I Had A Direct Encounter With A Slow Motion Dissolution Into Nonexistence

by Wings Of An Angel



"Sadness, darkness and depression brought to you by a pair of wings without the angel attached.

Slumbering curtains, thin veils; they are slowly letting a heavy deep wind of death flow through the bedroom. This is the feeling of something heavy on the chest, something pushing down the shoulders holding your body in a paralyzed grip of special tension. Is this music, a visiting spirit, a relaxing atmosphere or the warm holiness of a heavy depression attaching itself to the soul?

It is a visit of music made by our favorite angel-wings without the attached angel. It’s the music that is warm and yet so dark and down. It’s crawls under your bed sheets, fills up the room with an electromagnetic energy only authentic Ghostbusters could measure. This is mesmerizing music that so strangely works its way into the absorbing body that it might fill up the head with a sad feeling.

The flowers on the wallpaper have died gracefully while inhaling these ambient tones of these strange wings. Is it the sadness of the wings missing their angel? Is it a dark beauty that the grim reaper likes to listen too while relaxing at home or on his way at work?

This album is on one wing very beautiful and soothing, but on the other wing it is coming across that it comes from a place that bares little light. This is the soundtrack for when feeling lost, lonely and extremely down in a depression. This is the music that might invoke this feeling, but also could be your only friend when you are already in this special depressed state of mind.

The angel wings without angel might bring you peace, unarm you with its feathers. “You aren’t alone in this darkness anymore” the angel wings their music seem to say. Together with angel wings the darkness will be faced, smoothly the tones of death bring a strange kind of positive optimism in the sensual flavored sound of angelic somberness.

It’s not turning bright, but in some way an agreement of acceptation between the sadness and darkness will be mad; A handshake making the depression acceptable and turning it into a thing to go through, with the knowledge that once it’s all over, without all the extra luggage of sadness; life will be bright again."

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"Wings of an Angel's In This Morbid Dream is a poetic narrative of life at night time when all the things that make up our being drift off into nothingness. It’s that time where we are faced with realization that it could all end in an eternal dissolve. In other words, happy, cheerful thoughts from this poetic drone master.

Okay, so was joking about the “happy, cheerful thoughts” from Wings of An Angel. There is little that you will find on this release. It’s mostly a dark to neutral series of tonal drone compositions that are rendered with a scope that is symphonic, and the attention to detail that a poet gives his works.

When I wrote about The Year I Tried To Kill My Love I started by comparing his work to that of Debussy: "Instead of a cold, atonal series of tones arranged into some form of pattern this recording starts with a lush and rich tonal cluster reminiscent of Debussy style chromaticism with abstracted impressionist elements".

So, I hoped I had a feeling that I knew what to expect with this recording. And I was right, similar chromaticism and tonal clusters are used as the basis for the works on this release. However, beyond that similarity there are major differences to be heard throughout this work.

This is a work about abstract feelings and detachment. It’s about the place that you find yourself in when all of the trappings of the world around you dissolve into nothing. It’s about the raw feeling of helplessness that can take over, and the acceptance that there is an inevitable conclusion, even if you don’t know what it is.

Felix Kaplan (aka Wings Of An Angel) has taken these feelings and placed them in the setting that we can most relate to them: in the middle of the night:
"On that unforgettable night, I had slept maniacally and dreamed that I am no longer myself; I was dying slowly, slowly, like winter’s lazy snowflakes. In that morbid dream, I had encountered a slow motion dissolution into irreversible nonexistence."

This puts the listener in a setting where anything can happen, including death, depression, or numerous other forms of malaise. And, within this setting, he brings us the tension and dynamics as waves of emotions wash through and over us, until we reach the point of acceptance. A somber experience that leaves the listener little energy, except perchance to sleep.

I find Felix’s abilities to translate the abstract and poetic into pure tonality. It’s as if he’s tapped into a part of himself as a painter might leave a bit of his own blood on the canvas as he paints, or the sculptor that has de-formed hands from the contortions required to form the shapes within his work. I know of few artists that let themselves bleed into their works the way Felix does, and uses his blood to affect our lives on such a deep level.

Again, another deeply affecting and moving work from Wings Of An Angel. He has once again taken the abstract, and seemingly scary things that can be most disturbing to us and turned them into an experience. It’s an experience that at once engulfs the listener, and leaves them in a place where he or she is better for having gone through it. Just stunning on so many levels."

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"Beautiful, mesmerizing and thrilling drone ambient mix that haunts,
comforts and scares at the same time".
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released December 1, 2014




Wings Of An Angel Israel

Sound magician, visionary and poet-philosopher whose art projects blend these passions in fascinating ways. My life's work gives wings to my infinite psychedelic imagination. This ever-expanding alternative universe explores outlandish mental landscapes, quirky existential commentary and unorthodox humor wrapped in a holy trinity of avant-garde sounds, thought-provoking titles & original cover art ... more

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