This last bow in honor of my chewed gum
Summarizes how our life story repeats itself;
An encysted, or rather abscised (?), Lipoma.

Now is now –
Imprisoned unlike the past.
So Format Your C:\ Drives;
The future is in Google Cache anyhow.

To restore nostalgia
The macabre events of lost human lives;
You must log onto the end which is
Stored within your synaptic microfibers…

I finally discovered thanks to this poem
That the groping shadows of my loneliness
Are nothing more but god's parasites,
soaking in distant watermarks.

So all of you - linguistic scientists -
Should now create spatial arrangements
Of soldiers and eunuchs.
Similarly to how cockroaches make love to ensign wasps.

Once eye-opening
I now burn history like a crazed Jihadist
Agnostic spiritualists are my enemies;
And so are prosaic white knights.

Your humiliation is my beloved sanctification;
Scientists should now create reasonably priced cystic prey -
Because soldiers and eunuchs will soon try to
Run Away
From the battlefield - also known as -
The Slaughter Fields Of My Fragile Human Heart.
"The Music made me think about some expressive elements ... creating a strange fascination surrounding us. Maybe it's quite cerebral ... it draws me into a strained mind, like filling the life's void with acoustic images, transporting us into some mental abysses. It's an expressive work"


released December 1, 2016




Wings Of An Angel Israel

Sound magician, visionary and poet-philosopher whose art projects blend these passions in fascinating ways. My life's work gives wings to my infinite psychedelic imagination. This ever-expanding alternative universe explores outlandish mental landscapes, quirky existential commentary and unorthodox humor wrapped in a holy trinity of avant-garde sounds, thought-provoking titles & original cover art ... more

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