If You're Dead Bones – What Does It Change To You Whether You Are Known Or Not?

by Wings Of An Angel



However alone you are; just you in the intoxicating presence of your own memory -
You cannot honestly choose meditating;
An inescapable cemetery of introspection
That threatens to erase the best pleasures you had from yourself.

The greatest moments since the beginning of time
Stemmed from your strange spiritual aura
Against the grains of cells in your dark heart
Every cell of your heart being a heavy prison.

You were, are and will forever be the beginning;
The hidden sight of the cosmos
if indeed a human beginning is a beginning at all…
We still have to argue that over a cup of your blood.

You need not any scriptures;
For you was all the scriptures condensed like a snowball -
At the beginning of time you ate yogis for dinner
By the end of time you puked them back to existence
Sorry angels and trilingual demonic messengers
Blocked your tomb in advance

Lest your place of eternal residence will become a celestial tavern.

In the hidden stratosphere of your borrowed virtual identity
You outlived the universe that was created without your
P e r m I s s I o n

Your unconsciousness is looking for a new assistant now;
Any volunteers?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"i'm listening: "If You're Dead Bones"
i love this style
soothing music of Cosmos
perfect for the little moon of Chaos"


released September 15, 2016




Wings Of An Angel Israel

Master Wings of an Angel is a visionary sound scientist and poet-philosopher. His creative universe gives voice to his infinite psychedelic imagination and produces mystifications for trippers and exquisite corpses. His art explores the mental realms of a lifelong outsider artist, existentialism and unorthodox humor, wrapped in a holy trinity of sonic palettes, thought-provoking titles & cover art ... more

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