If You Really Want To Know Somebody, Become That Somebody

by Wings Of An Angel



"Wings Of An Angel is a hyper-prolific Israeli composer, poet, magician, and philosopher who has issued a swarm of innumerable outings over the years. The recent one consists of one long, 46-minute composition based on spacey, reverberation-driven chords which used to hover across the aether and time. Yeah, it is intriguing to follow all those chords more carefully to verify the changes to be appeared within it at all. It might be the listener is fooled by one and the same combination of chords. Even if it could be the case, however, it would not be the case altogether, because his music seems to have a purgative sway on the listener. Musically it might remind of the aesthetic of the German kling-klang music of which some compilations from the 80s I am honoured to have on tapes. In a word, the result is overwhelming in spite of its minimal approach. Less is more. At least in this case for sure."
( agier.blogspot.co.il/2016/11/wings-of-angel-if-you-really-want-to.html )

"und nicht nur die Kraft. Es ist metaphysisch. Deine Musik, deine Kunst, deine Werke. Alles nicht von dieser Welt. Irgendwie genial ausserirdisch. Sich mit dir messen zu wollen, macht kein Sinn. Du stehst ganz weit, ausserhalb unser Erleben. Die Welt soll all deine Werke sehen!!!! Immerzu und immerzu ein Genuss. Danke dir master"

"Your titles and artworks can sometimes twirl our minds into utter confusion due to our limited span of understanding and logical reasoning. However, it still does not change the 'fact' that you are one of the greatest psychedelic artists (if that's what they call you) I've ever seen or heard of"

"I've always said that your creations have such a great importance to the history of Art"


released August 21, 2016




Wings Of An Angel Israel

Sound magician, visionary and poet-philosopher whose art projects blend these passions in fascinating ways. My life's work gives wings to my infinite psychedelic imagination. This ever-expanding alternative universe explores outlandish mental landscapes, quirky existential commentary and unorthodox humor wrapped in a holy trinity of avant-garde sounds, thought-provoking titles & original cover art ... more

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