Eccentric Addictions

by Wings Of An Angel



"I can only agree with the statement that Wings Of An Angel`s 80-minute long issue is something very eccentric and addictive. You shall have to take time to get into this endless, tremendous drone of being provided with slightly varied tones and lysergic penumbras which eventually progress into truly epic and fascinating. I cannot be without the aforementioned adjectives because other words may sound way too faint to express the impact of a subsequent album by the Israeli musician. It sounds as if a tremendous current getting by and a the same time seducing a listener with its soothing vibes and silky timbres. Oh yeah, it is a great success by a very prolific artist who knows how to maintain the quality regardless. I am going to add it to the list of the best albums in 2017."

"This CD seems more classical than others. extremely peaceful.
you know what i think? the scene before death of old persons, with marvelous images of the ancient planet Earth in the movie: "Soylent Green" with Charlton Heston".

"This wasn't exactly my cup of tea but I can appreciate the artistic expression. I did like the avant garde way that the drums and piano interplayed, the brushes gave it a bit of a jazz sound as well, though more towards the experimental aspects"

"The doors which you open are places that we never knew existed, so in theory, when one is connected, we become in a dream like, meditative state, but it requires a lot of mental energy for the connection to work. This is just one level of explanation when listening to your beautiful music because your music has many levels onto which we can experience. So in theory, for me, one chooses his time when he's ready to jump in as I always like the level that requires a lot of mental energy"


released January 6, 2017




Wings Of An Angel Israel

Sound magician, visionary and poet-philosopher whose art projects blend these passions in fascinating ways. My life's work gives wings to my infinite psychedelic imagination. This ever-expanding alternative universe explores outlandish mental landscapes, quirky existential commentary and unorthodox humor wrapped in a holy trinity of avant-garde sounds, thought-provoking titles & original cover art ... more

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