The Imaginary Songbook (Original Poetry By Wings of an Angel Ethereally Sung By A Fairy)

by Wings of an Angel & Tziona Achishena

Original poem by F.Pessoa - "Eu sou o fugitivo"
Original poem by F.Pessoa - "Eu sou o fugitivo"


Wings of an Angel (Original Poetry, Sound Alchemy & Production/Mix)
Tziona Achishena (Composing, Vocals, Instruments, Recording)
- - -
CD 1 features original poetry by yours truly; poetry that has been written in the course of the last 20 years and has been reconstructed herein in coherent song form by the talented Ms. Achishena. All these songs will always feel relevant in a very self-confessional way; they are part of my own personal mythology, they speak of my past, formative years, my array of influences, creative evolution etc' - thus my contentment about releasing them in the wild today is self-evident. Some dozen or more years after they'd been initially put on paper - their raw creative sparks still shine as brightly as ever - at least in my perception...
- - -
"I have listened to the 1st CD and it is sublime! The instrumentation and your partner's vocals so dream-like, soothing, has the sheen of shoegaze without the distortion. I believe it was the first or second song with the lyric repeated multiple times reminiscent of both gospel and blues.... That's all for now, I will be listening to 2nd half when I get a chance to be alone and actively listen... But thus far you have surpassed yourself! This is in some ways reminiscent of Alcest (France) latest recordings, again without having the distorted guitar, but I get the same hopeful, vital, transcendent, ineffable... I am going to post a review on all my social media sites, this is gorgeous!"

"Your CDs have been spinning in my ears for most of night and morning! It surpasses yet integrates all the best of your best moments! The instrumentation is perfectly integrated! The voice is sublime, sublime! You are the wings, she is the voice of an angel! Truly beautiful shoegazy ethereal drone/ambience! Like a the first few minutes after smoking some black hash or the warmth that comes over you when they give you that first shot of morphine... It is beautiful and transcends is what I'm trying to say! The first record has moments that remind me of Moby's first serious attempt at music, integrating folk and blues, and gospel... It is sublime!"


released July 30, 2015




Wings Of An Angel Israel

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