Our Forgotten Infinity And The Absolute Zero

by Wings Of An Angel

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justjohn95 How did I get here? Is this really an angel's wings I'm hearing??
The gaye device
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The gaye device This music stops me in my tracks and envelopes me in stillness and calm.
Scott Lawlor
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Scott Lawlor I am totally mezmorized by this album, this is the encapsulation of absolute beauty, the choirs take you to the great beyond and surround you with an unimaginable sense of tranquility. Highly recommended.
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Mostcus Невероятно мощная и приятная работа, отправляющая разум и сознание в безмятежное пространство. Рекомендую ее всем любителям жанра, да и всем остальным тоже. Под нее очень приятно засыпать, с ней хорошо заниматься учебой, она прекрасно дополняет размышления во время поездок или пеших прогулок. Однозначно великое творение Wings of an Angel.
tonepoet thumbnail
tonepoet One of the most intense releases I've ever bought. There is so much harmonic movement it's like listening to over an hour of chorales. This has more to do with classical music than ambient, IMHO. Calling this music drone is misleading and cheapening the integrity of this music. Very, very deep space. Most musicians (myself included) should be humbled by this release. I'm confident that I won't find anything that tops this release at all in 2015.


"Свыше 60-ти минут необычайно красивого и меланхоличного саундскейпа от израильского поэта-философа, обращённого к духовным практикам и медитации. От настоящего архитектора грёз, который переправляет души к Морфею и раскрывает двери к самым глубоким человеческим чувствам. Небесный эфир, кажется, заполняет собой всё пространство вокруг, замедляет время и выпускает на волю всю красоту, всю боль и все страхи жизни. Рисуя в голове психоделичные и эмоциональные образы, тревожные воспоминания и настолько упоительные мечты, каких хватило бы на целую вечность. Подобно океану, что усмиряет беспокойные души, он ласкает в объятиях теплого света, а затем исцеляет, озаряя новые горизонты
E:\music\dark ambient - vk.com/wall-28138343_36487
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"This reminds me of a dream of a past life celebrating daybreak in the Swiss Alps on the winter solstice my village buried under fresh snow"
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"Just want to let you know that I took your release (Our Forgotten Infinity....) on a bike ride today, 20 kilometers. I think that this is the music that one will hear when their soul ascend to where it goes, as it contains all the beauty and intensity and fear that our lives have experienced."
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"I listen and open myself to the sound. love and light flood my veins, pulsate to expanding contacting rhythm that is a recollection of familiarity and so real, it can only be truth. love and light brothers and sister"
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"The third element between Eno and Budd-the spirit"
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"This makes my heart slow down"
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"I listen and open myself to the sound, love and light flood my veins, pulsate to expanding contacting rhythm that is recollection of familiarity and so real, it can only be truth"
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My listening experience of this album was unearthly. In addition, the dramatic and dark cloudy weather outside my window expands this feeling even more. I really enjoy when music places me into a spell-like state, a truly relaxing feeling."
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"Music so deep and intense that you may never find your way back. Hopefully, you'll get lost in this forever. Thank me later."


released May 8, 2015




Wings Of An Angel Israel

Home Of The Acclaimed Ambient Alchemist - Wings of an Angel. Located on the Bandcamp Top 500 Artists Chart And Hailed As One Of The Most Important Ambient Artists Worldwide. My Music Soothes Headaches Like No Paracetamol Can.

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