Convection Of Servitude

by Wings Of An Angel

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Scott Lawlor
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Scott Lawlor this is a dark exploration into timeless beauty, a requiem for the 21st century. Sustained drones and dark choral ethereal voices remind us that just beyond our perception of reality, there is an afterlife and though no human can relay such experiences back to this world, this music is a conduit of timeless echoes of the inhabitants of such a place of ghostly shadows. One of my favorite albums of 2016 and highly recommended for any serious collector of ambient and drone music.


"I think your journey is of great importance Master, because your creations open doors in the mind"

"you are the greatest artist on the Planet.
And shoulder to shoulder with the greatest that has ever been.
i know this,think this,it is my truth,
what others may say, Hell with them"


released October 20, 2016




Wings Of An Angel Israel

Master Wings of an Angel is a visionary sound scientist and poet-philosopher. His creative universe gives voice to his infinite psychedelic imagination and produces mystifications for trippers and exquisite corpses. His art explores the mental realms of a lifelong outsider artist, existentialism and unorthodox humor, wrapped in a holy trinity of sonic palettes, thought-provoking titles & cover art ... more

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